Georgatsonas S.A.


Since 1976, our company, Georgatsonas S.A. , has been active in the area of metal constructions under the name “Georgios Georgatsonas”. The re-allocation was completed in 1997, along with the renaming of the brand to Georgatsonas S.A. Our company offices and factory facilities can be found at International Athens-Lamia Hwy 135, Fthiotida, Greece.  In 2010 we managed our expansion in the power sector, by manufacturing Transmission Line Pylons , Power Substations and Telecommunication Towers.

In our own area of 40000m2, of which 9000m2 are used for housed facilities, we continue to develop our production.

Staffed by experts and using our experience of many years, our company Georgatsonas S.A. can construct any type of steel structure: industrial building complexes, multistoried office and residence buildings, large storing buildings, gyms and specialized facilities, malls, buildings for agricultural purposes and specialized constructions (bridging structures, footbridges etc), Transmission Line Pylons and Scaffolding, Telecommunication Towers and Specialized Steel Construction.

Implementing significant know-how in steel structures, our Company has developed the industrialization of  Welded composite cross sections beams (H-type Symmetrical Cross-section,H-type Asymmetrical Cross-section,Cruciform cross sections,Beams of variable cross section, Hollow Box Cross-section, Curved Cross-section, Cellular cross sections) for building large opening constructions and multistoried buildings without the need of supporting structures. This way we provide with the ability to form the interior and the aesthetics of the building in the most affordable way.