Georgatsonas S.A

Description of Production Machinery & Equipment

The company’s production hall covers a total area of 8.500 m2. The fabrication of steel buildings and all other special steel structures, concerning both the Construction and the Energy Sectors, is processed according to EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standards. Our production machinery and equipment consists of modern technology CNC machines, combining speed, quality and reliability in both the production process and the end products.

Short Description of Production Machinery & Equipment

      1.CNC Angle Processing System, for fully automatic punching, drilling and shearing of Angle Steel up to 250x250x29 mm. An ideal production system for Electric Power Transmission Towers Manufacturing.

  1. CNC Punching & Shearing System, for fully automatic punching and shearing of Flat Steel up to 500×25 mm and Angle Steel Profiles up to 160x160x16 mm.
  2. Beam Welding Line for Built-Up and Tapered Cross-Sections(parallel, symmetrical H-type, asymmetrical H-type, cuboid beams, cruciform beams, celliform beams, boxes, curviform beams), of the Italian Manufacturer FRO, equipped with Lincoln 1000A submerged-arc welding machines, twin welding tables, with production capacity of 30 tn/8 hours. This beam welding line is able to produce welded beams (tapered and parallel cross-sections) of max. dimensions (length x web height x flange width) 2.300 x 1.800 x 600 mm.
  3. CNC Oxy/Plasma Thermal Cutting Machine for Steel Plates, of dimensions (W x L) 4.000 x 22.000 mm, equipped with Oxy Thermal Cutting Unit for cutting plates of max. thickness 150 mm and high precision 300A Plasma Cutting Unit for thermal cutting of plates of max. thickness 80 mm.
  4. Horizontal Hydraulic Press bending machine 800tn
  5. Countersink Milling Machinefor Steel Plates (preparation for welding).
  6. Automatic Sawing & Drilling Systemfor Steel Beams & Profiles.
  7. Shotblasting Machine, for shotblasting of Steel Profiles (beams, plates, flats, angles, etc). The machine is connected with Coating System.
  8. Two (2) Automatic Welding Tablesfor the welding of special components.
  9. Two (2) Automatic Machinesfor rectilinear precision welding.
  1. Stud Welding Machine 2000A for welding of Shear Connectors up to     Ø26mm.
  2. CNC Plate Punching & Drilling System, for automatic punching and drilling of plates up to 1.000 (W) x 1.400-2.400 (L) mm.
  3. Four (4) Submerged-Arc Welding Machines of 1000A, with automatic feeding, for welding of steel plates.
  4. Twenty-five (25) Pulse-Operated Arc Welding Machines (MIG), of 400 – 500Α.
  5. Steel Worker Machine of 75 tn capacity, able to punch holes of Ø32mm (max) and shear 20mm (max) thick plates, with Press Brake able to process 15mm (max) thick and 700mm (max) long plates and shear angles up to 150x150x15 mm.
  6. Two (2) Automatic Band-Sawing Machines, for sawing steel profiles.
  7. Two (2) Vertical Drilling Machines.
  8. Plasma Thermal Cutting Machine 120A, with cutting capacity of 30mm (max) thick steel plates.
  9. Eight (8) Overhead Cranes, with lifting capacities 6,3 tn – 12,5 tn.
  10. Two (2) Jib Cranes of lifting capacity 3,2 tn.