Georgatsonas S.A

Iron Industrialization

Our company offers key-solutions (design, fabrication, erection) of steel buildings. Below, you can see a quick description of our production process.

Procurement of Raw Materials

Our suppliers for raw materials include all the major and reliable steel stock holders and steel traders. The quality of the supplied materials (S235, S275, S355) complies with the required specifications of each project and is according to EN ISO 10025-2 and EN ISO 10204 Standards. The materials, when delivered to our site, are subjected to strict and thorough quality control (at least 10% of the delivered raw materials are controlled by using digital instrumentation for measuring hardness). The raw materials quality certificates, as given to us by our suppliers, are always saved in our records or also given to our customers (if they request so).

Industrialization – Production Process

After sorting out, the delivered raw materials need to be processed according to each project specifications, as follows:

  • Sawing & Drilling (Sawing & Drilling System)

  • Pre-Fabrication Shotblasting (Shotblasting Machine)

  • Assembling (welding of special components on profiles, etc)

  • Coating (primer & top coating)

  • Paint, fire resistant paint, always according to the specifications of the project

Quality Control

The Quality Control Department (LEVEL II Certification) is responsible for the quality control of the processed materials, according to the following tests:

  • Ultrasonic Testing, LEVEL II according to SNT-TC-1A (1996)

  • Visual Testing, LEVEL II according to ASNT

  • Magnetic Testing, LEVEL II according to ASNT

  • Hardness Testing (using digital instrumentation)

  • Inspection and Control of Parts Dimensions as well as Welding Thickness & Seam (on the welded components). All weldings are performed according to EN ISO 5817, EN 287-1, EN ISO 15609-1 and EN ISO 15614-1 Standards, and all the inspections are performed by Certified Specialized Welders.

  • Inspection of Coating Thickness (using digital instrumentation).

Storage of Ready Products

Following to the completion of production process and quality control, the ready products get grouped and stored. On next steps, products get loaded to the trucks and delivered to the building erection location.