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Variable-Section Industrialization

Services – Constructions Sector – CWCs Industrialization

The most beneficial produce, offered by our company, is the construction of zinc beams of variant quality levels (st 37 – st 44 – st 52). The section steel beams we manufacture is called WELDED COMPOSITE CROSS SECTIONS and  they come in a variety of types, offering affordable solutions and larger openings in the construction of metal buildings and steel structures. The procedures followed for the manufacture of such beams are as follows:

Raw material supply for the supporting structure of the building

The supply of raw materials is done by the greatest companies in our area, and with all the necessary control tests by our company. As soon as the raw material is delivered, the industrialization of the supporting structure follows:

  • Cutting of zinc with Pantograph. The dimensions of the zinc are 4m by 22m and high precision oxygen torches are used in zinc plates of thickness up to 150mm. 300A Plasma torches are also used, with 1/10mm precision in zinc plates of thickness up to 80mm.
  • Sandblasting the supporting structure of the building. We use and automated section steel sandblasting unit, created by GIETART.
  • Plates welding in automated welding unit. We produce WELDED COMPOSITE CROSS SECTIONS Beams (of variable and parallel cross-section), with two Lincoln 1000A arcs (by FRO Italian house), manufactured on a double welding platter.
  • Section steel Assembly Section. There, the steel plates are positioned by welding, using pulse welding equipment (MIG) of 400-500A.
  • Sandblasting Supporting Structure. We use automated sandblasting equipment for section steel, manufactured by GIETART.
  • Welding Iron Plates in an automated welding machine. We produce Composite Cross-section beams ( variable and parallel cross-section) and Box-Type Cross-section, with two Lincoln 1000A arcs, from the Italian company FRO, manufactured on a double welding platter.
  • Section steel Assembly Section, where steel plates are welded using pulse welding equipment (MIG) of 400-500A.
  • Section steel Painting, where the section steel is painted according to the project’s specifications ( primer coating and painting with alcydic paint), after the section steel is cleaned from dust and other unwanted material.

Control Testing of the Support Structure

Our company utilizes a Level II certified Control Test Sector and conducts the aforementioned control tests using its own equipment.

During production, the following tests are taking place:

  • Level II Ultrasonic Testing, SNT – TC – 1A (1996) certified.
  • Level II Visual Testing, ASNT certified.
  • Level II Magnetic Testing, ASNT certified.
  • CWC Sandblasting: Coarseness test with electronic micrometer, according to the project specifications.
  • CWC Assembly Section: During welding, the welding thickness, welding seams and components dimensions are tested, according to ISO 5817. The tests are conducted by EN 287-1 certified welders, using ISO 15609-1 certified procedures and ISO 15614-1 certified welding methods.
  •  CWC Painting: The coating thickness is tested with electronic micrometer.
  • Support Structure Storage: After the component production is finished, the components are packaged and stored in an appropriately structured storage area.